Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Good Communication in working out

Hi everyone who reads my blog!
I just want to talk me and my friend in our communication the other day. Well on Australia day me and my friend Gorgia were talking on Skype. She was telling me that she started a blog called Rainbow Blog and she showed me her blog and I thought it was good so then I showed her my blog God's Princess and I heart owls. So then as we saw each others blogs and thought they were we just kept talking about them and also talking about other things. So then after Georgia was just thinking and she asked me if i would like to start a blog with her and as we were thinking of a name we were thinking and susgesting things but then we came up with a better one other then our other idea's and we came up with 'Two Hearts'! Then me and Georgia agreed on it and started creating our. So as we started creating our new Blog,we started with our first post about oursevles and then started to think about what we were going to do for the background and our title and all those types of things. My mum then came up with an idea and showed me what to do for the title. I asked if it was cool with Georgia and she said do whatever for the title she then asked me if it was okay to then choose the background since I was doing the title I also said that it would be okay plus it would be fair. So as we are talking and making our blog I feel like this blog would work out because now each day we let eachother write whatever we want to write on the blog. I think that it was good communication that day instead of arguing over what WE wanted!

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